Temerty-Tanz-TDRA Initiative

The Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Toronto Dementia Research Alliance (TDRA) are pleased to announce a partnership supported by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine to advance our understanding of the links between depression and dementia.
Mar 10 / 2021

In Memoriam: Mark Tanz (1931-2021)

Mark Tanz had a vision for combating neurodegenerative diseases and made significant investments in research at the University of Toronto in pursuit of this vision.
Feb 22 / 2021

Long-Term Memories May Depend on Key Brain Receptors: U of T Study

University of Toronto researchers have uncovered a potentially critical step in associative learning, a process that enables long-term storage of certain memories, especially in conditions of high stress. We are constantly bombarded with information, far in excess of what we can commit to long-term memory. Our brains have therefore evolved a way to only store memories for long periods if the information is important, and this process happens through association.
Feb 8 / 2021

Study Yields Insights into Synaptic Changes in Learning and Memory

Researchers in Toronto have shown how the strengthening of some neuronal connections in the brain involves the transient expression of a particular protein, which could lead to a better understanding of learning, memory and neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers showed that in the hippocampus of rodents, the strengthening of those connections among neurons — known as synaptic plasticity or long-term potentiation — unfolds through at least two distinct processes.
Jan 20 / 2021