Fellowships & Graduate Studies

As one of the premier centres in the world for research into the causes and cures of neurodegenerative diseases, the Tanz Centre offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows an exceptional training environment, bringing together the disciplines of Genetics, Molecular and Cell biology, Protein Chemistry, Transgenic Animal Modeling, Neuropathology and Invertebrate Modeling as applied to studies of the nervous system.

Graduate students can join the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience, which offers PhD specialization in Neuroscience.

Trainees are supported by opportunities to apply for fellowships and awards available at the Tanz Centre, the University of Toronto and the Faculty of Medicine.

Postdoctoral Fellows interested in an engagement in neuroscience research with the Tanz Centre are invited to submit their CV and cover letter to crnd.secr@utoronto.ca.