Steering Committee

Fundraising and community outreach efforts of the Tanz Centre are guided by a dedicated and visionary group of individuals who have contributed their expertise to assist the Tanz scientists in achieving their mission to lead global research and education in neurodegenerative disease.  

For many, their own experiences with neurodegenerative disease have inspired their contributions of time and energy to help understand and prevent Alzheimer’s and other devastating brain diseases. We thank them for their tremendous support and guidance.

Stuart Tanz (Chair)

Stuart Tanz has served as the President and CEO of Retail Opportunity Investments Corporation (ROIC) since 2009. Prior to joining ROIC, Mr. Tanz was the Chief Executive Officer of United Income Properties Inc., a privately owned retail real estate development company in Southern California which developed, owned and operated various shopping centres in Southern California.  

In addition to his philanthropic support, Mr. Tanz has been a member of the Tanz Centre Steering Committee since 2011. In 2014 he was appointed as the new Chair.  

The Tanz Centre would like to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of the members of the External Advisory Committee, including:

  • Paul Godfrey 
  • Tom Kofman
  • Lionel Schipper
  • Heather Hunter
  • Mark Krembil
  • Geoff Matus 
  • Joel Reitman 
  • Russell Tanz
  • Bernie Tanz
  • Jacqueline Tanz
  • Stuart Tanz