Achievements of Tanz Centre Scientists

Tanz CRND scientists have:

  • published more than 1,055 peer-reviewed scientific articles
  • written or contributed chapters to more than 10 authoritative textbooks on genetic diseases, neurological diseases, and molecular medicine
  • delivered more than 1300 scientific lectures at major international and national academic meetings and research institutes (comprising nearly 1000 international invited lectures plus over 400 national invited lectures). This body of work has been cited by other scientists over 71,895 times. Impressively, 5 papers have each been cited over 1000 times and 2 have been cited over 2500 times. This is a truly prodigious impact for a research centre composed, on average at any one time, of seven Principal Investigators. It places the Tanz CRND as one of the world-leading centres for research on these diseases.
  • served on the scientific advisory boards of multiple international academic journals including Science and the Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • served on the organizing committees for major international conferences and symposiums
  • acted as scientific reviewers for numerous national research funding agencies including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Science and Engineering Research Council, and Canada Research Chairs, and international research funding agencies including the US National Institutes of Health, German Deutsche ForschungsGemeinschaft, UK Medical Research Council, UK Wellcome Trust, and Hong Kong Research Grants Council
  • been elected to leadership positions in major international academic bodies such as the WHO World Federation for Dementia Research, International Movement Disorder Society, The Dana Foundation for Neuroscience, and others
  • served on scientific advisory boards, served as consultants, or participated in scientific collaborations with several national and international biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Schering-Plough, Transition Therapeutics, Neurochem, and others)